Down North

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Down North: John Buchan and Margaret Bourke-White on the Mackenzie

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In June 1937 Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada, better known as the world-famous author John Buchan, journeyed down the Mackenzie River during a tour of the North. He was the first Governor General to visit the Arctic.

Margaret Bourke-White, world-famous photographer, was assigned by LIFE magazine to join him on this journey, as part of an amusing ship’s company.

He wrote about the North as it was in 1937. She photographed it. Most of their work on this trip has never before been published.

The book takes the reader there – to 1937 and the North as it was in those days on board a flat-bottomed, paddle-wheel steamer, the S.S. Distributor, heading down north as she delivered supplies to the Hudson Bay Company Posts along the river and picked up furs.

His letters to his wife, Lady Tweedsmuir, written on the voyage, have never been published before. His observations on the Canadian North were published in consecutive editions of the Sunday Times of London in December 1937 and have not appeared anywhere since.

The book has 95 pages and over 50 photographs. Above are 12 of these pages in a slideshow.